PokerStars Article on Front Page of Wall Street Journal


pokerstars-Wall-Street-JournalOnline gaming regulation in the United States is finally moving forward as more and more states embrace legal online poker. The public is gaining more awareness on the subject. On Wednesday, the prominent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a 2,000 words long report on PokerStars after a journalist visited the headquarters of the market leader in the Isle of Man.

“We have to begin to explain that we’re a completely normal company,” said Guy Templer, PokerStars’ head of business development as the company tries to convey a clean image to the mainstream press. “We’re not a backroom shop on a rock in the sea.”

The article is mainly about the controversial attempts by PokerStars, the regulated online market of New Jersey and the countermeasures to enter the live casinos that want to prevent the penetration of the online giants. Furthermore, the legal status of online poker in the U.S. generally and the role of PokerStars is discussed.

Equally exciting are the statements of a player who was visiting the headquarters as part of the annual meetings held between PokerStars officials and selected players and had a talk with the WSJ journalists. You can read the full article details here.


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