PokerStars Announces Rake Hike


PokerStars logoWith new ownership comes change and PokerStars has announced several changes over the past month from pulling out of 30 grey markets, the addition of casino games and sports betting, the implementation of a 2.5% foreign exchange fee, and with the most recent announcement, rake increases.

Unless you are playing a tournament games where you actually see the rake added on top of the buy-in fee, in cash game situations, it may be a little less noticeable to the average player unless you pay close attention. On most poker sites, cash game rakes are also capped, but they can add up to substantial sums, especially for those players who multi-table.

These new rake changes will mainly impact heads-up cash game players, high-stakes cash-game players, and Sit & Go players. Most other players may not even know a change has occurred, with the exception of MTT players who play Knockout tournaments.

What is rake? Rake is a small portion of the pot that is kept by the poker room.

Here are details of examples of the changes as provided by PokerStars via 2+2 forums.

Spin & Go

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.07.45 PM











NL/PL Ring Games

PokerStars new rake






PokerStars Rake



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