PokerStars 7th Anniversary Sunday Million Draws 49,287 Players and Ends in 3-Way Chop


PokerStars guaranteed a massive $7 million prize pool in honour of their 7th anniversary of the popular Sunday Million. A total of 49,287 players, enough to fill a small football stadium or 3 times the seating capacity of Maple Leaf Gardens participated. The eventual prize pool was shy of $10 million with the winner to earn over $1.2 million with a mere $215 buy-in.

The tournament went on for about 15 hours. When the tournament reached the final eight players, there was a lot of pressure to make a chop. 2outs4cake, Kasra84, and pellompogos continued to pressure the rest of the table to make a deal. In fact, they were so persistent that final table host Lee Jones had to step in and referee.

Lee Jones (Commentator): Hey folks – nobody is obligated to deal; let’s be very clear about that.
Lee Jones (Commentator): We will *not* have pressure put on people to deal, or even pause to look at numbers.
2outs4cake: mod please leave us alone

Lee Jones (Commentator): Actually, no. My job is ensure that the player’s rights are respected. One of those rights is to play the tournament, as scheduled, with the payouts as published.
Lee Jones (Commentator): Without being hassled for making that choice.

The game continued into another break with continued pressure. And then within a matter of only a few hans, the table went from eight to 3 handed.

With three players remaining, there was new talk of a deal and this time there was agreement. The three would chop and play for a remaining $140,000 which would actually go to lower of the three prize winners “benislovas” who won the tournament and the most money.

Here are the PokerStars Sunday Million 7th Anniversary Special results

Players: 49,287
Prizepool: $9,857,400
Places paid: 6,309

1. benislovas (Lithuania) $848,589.33*
2. sexygee (United Kingdom) $836,321.83*
3. Kasra84 (Germany) $813,370.28*
4. n0rflip (Norway) $358,809.36
5. pellompogos (Cyprus) $254,320.92
6. stradale430 (Austria) $181,376.16
7. 2outs4cake (United Kingdom) $117,303.06
8. rewgr343 (Russia) $85,759.38
9. Heminsley (United Kingdom) $62,101.62

Even though this Sunday Million had almost 50,000 players, the largest Sunday Million ever was played on December 19, 2011. This was to celebrate PokerStars 10th anniversary, and the $10 million guaranteed tournament attracted a total of 62,116 players.


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