Poker Pro Escapes Two Robbery Attempts


US-cash-imageA poker pro who had a bag filled with $100,000 after a gambling trip to Atlantic City narrowly escaped two back-to-back robbery attempts while trying to catch a flight out of Kennedy Airport in New York.

Eric Riley, 32, was given a ride to the JetBlue terminal from someone he met in Atlantic City named Junior, but greed kicked in when they reached the airport. As Riley was getting his things out of the back trunk, Junior ripped away from Terminal 5 with his trunk still open before Riley could grab the duffel bag with the $100,000.

In shock, Riley hopped the first yellow cab and handed the driver four $100 bills and shouted, “Follow that car!”

The NYC cab driver caught up to the crook several blocks away from the terminal at a red light. Riley jumped out and grabbed his bag from the still-open trunk as Junior sped away.

Seconds later, a black Camry pulled up with two men claiming to be undercover cops and offered Riley a ride. As Riley explained the story to “so-called” cops who actually turned out to be a pair of jokers, one of the men put a gun to his Riley’s chest and demanded the cash.

Instead of cooperating with the phony cops, Riley refused and leaped out of the moving car with the money. He rolled down to the highway getting road rash as his clothes were ripped.

Riley took a second cab and told a nearby police officer what happened. Police are investigating whether the crooks were all in on the robbery attempt.

Riley was staying at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City with $80,000 two weeks prior and managed to win an additional $20,000 during his stay. He met Junior while at the hotel who learned he was holding a lot of cash.

Riley is a skilled poker pro from Deerfield Beach, Florida with recorded tournament winnings of about $260,000 during his career according to Bluff Magazine.


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