Poker Player Used Invisible Ink and Contact Lenses to Cheat at Casinos


invisible ink cards cheatA man was arrested for cheating at the Mohegan Sun Casino early Sunday morning after police say he marked cards with an ink-like substance that he could see by wearing special contact lenses.

New Jersey state police call Bruce Koloshi, 59, a known card marker and he is also being sought by Louisiana state police for using the same cheating method at L’Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge on Aug. 26. Boloshi also has convictions in Las Vegas, Reno and Iowa.

Also, according the Connecticut state police casino unit, Koloshi was observed by casino surveillance playing a Mississippi Stud poker game and a review of the video showed that he was marking cards with an “ink-like substance.” That ink was visible with the contact lenses he was wearing.

Koloshi gave a fake name while he was being processed and fingerprinted after his 2:20 a.m. arrest, but a computer check of his fingerprints revealed his true identity.

He is being charged with cheating, swindling and simple criminal damage to property. He was released after volunteering to give up $3,200 in casino chips.

The casino continued its investigation and found the cards has been marked with an invisible luminous ink that could be seen under infrared light.



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