Poker Player Profile: Zennawi Petros aka “Zenni”


Zennawi Petros aka “Zennie”Zennawi Petros aka “Zenni” is a professional poker player who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Zenni, now 22 years old, started playing poker back in high school. As with many players, at the time it was mostly friendly games among friends in the cafeteria or at home, but eventually he honed his skills and started playing online tournaments, later finding his way to cash games at Club Regent, his local casino.

Zenni was a business school student for 2 years before he eventually decided to take a break and play poker professionally full time – now around 8 hours a day. Generally his tournaments cashes get put back into poker in order to bankroll future events.

Petros eventually played enough online and in brick and mortar tournaments to graduate to larger events such as the European EPT and other notable events in Las Vegas. He expects to continue to play a decent amount of tournaments in the future, with Edmonton and the 2010 BC Poker Championship in his sights as well, though would like to start taking online courses this year whenever his busy tournament schedule allows for it.

Zenni also recently won the 2010 COPC main event in Calgary, Alberta simultaneously cashing a respectable $63,000.


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