Poker Player Profile: Matt Veres


Matt VeresMatt Veres is a poker player whose passion for the game of poker and energetic manner has been enough to push him towards living the lifestyle of a professional player. By trade, he was a sales rep and specialized in medical sales around his hometown in BC. In sales, Matt was able to travel all around the whole province, which suits him perfectly – he loves to get around!

In fact, Matt left his job in February of this year in anticipation of a new life of professional playing. While his love for the game began at the age of 18, he first started seriously considering poker as a career path when he moved to Langley in 2006. It was then that he started winning local cash games which he used as a second income while simultaneously creating a name for himself.

When he finally left his job in February of 2010 to achieve his long-time dream of travelling to play poker and playing poker to travel, Matt was actually spending more time at a poker table on a daily basis than hours spent on his regular 9 to 5 – he plays about 8 to 12 hours a day in fact.

Veres – pronounced “veers, like beer with a V at the beginning” as Matt will remind people from time to time, recently sold his condo in order to move to Australia. He sees it as a stepping stone towards living in Europe, which is his eventual goal. He even had to give up his miniature schnauzer Kai in the process, which is now happily living with his grandparents.

Matt went deep in the Canadian Open Poker Championships in 2010 with a second place cash finish and has continued to tear up his local circuits in BC. Expect to see Matt playing more tournaments in Canada as well as at the Atlantic City Borgata in the near future.

Exclusive Interview with Matt Veres



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