Poker Player Profile: Christopher Bush


Christopher BushChristopher Bush has been a very exciting player to watch in the main COPC event this year. Having made it to the final table along with 25 year old Matt Jarvis has been no easy feat for him but he remains calm, cool and collected.

Christopher Bush, a BC local started playing poker while he was a warehouse manager making a working-class wage. As so many professional players begin their poker careers, Chris got into the game by playing with friends in his spare time – leisurely games to pass the time and relax. Gradually, however, as his game improved, he started cashing. Eventually Chris was making more in a night than he would in a month at his 9 to 5. The decision was clear for him at that point: pursuing a career as a professional poker player was finally possible.

Bush has spent a lot of time playing poker internationally since his debut as a professional back in the early 2000s. He has covered most of the major circuits spreading across both North America and Europe where he has cashed in at events such as the WSOP, WPT World championship – the latter in which he had the biggest cash finish of his career totalling an impressive $355,180.

Eventually all of the travelling caught up to him, however, and Chris was found to have spent over 6 months in the US over the period of a year with his girlfriend. As a result, he is no longer allowed to return to the country for a period of 5 years meaning that all Vegas events would be out of the question for him.

Bush sees a silver lining to the whole situation, however, nothing that it’s been a welcome change to not be worrying about the both mentally and physically draining WSOP events.  What’s more, local play in BC makes it easier to find fish and makes for a reliable revenue stream. Europe is still a welcome option though, and is still a favourite spot to both visit and play.


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