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Poker Etiquette is a very important part of the game. It is said that poker is a “gentlemen’s game” and with that, comes unspoken rules that should be followed by every player at the table. It is important that the more experienced players follow these rules to provide a good example for others (although, its not always practiced this way, Phil Hellmuth for Example).

Every poker room wants to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all of its players. Out of courtesy, it is an unspoken expectation that players abide by Poker Etiquette while playing on the felt. Poor manners always result in a hostile atmosphere, and with that can always result in a nasty outcome.

Violating the rules of poker etiquette may lead to permanent banning from the casino or the closure of their online account.

The rules are pretty straight forward, but here are some!

  • Always be respectful of other players at the table
  • Keep your cards and chips in view at all times
  • Keep up with the game play and make your decisions in a timely manner
  • Keep your food and drinks off the table, that is what the end tables are for!
  • Speak English at the tables (this is generally an Online Rule)
  • If you suspect cheating, report it to the Pit Boss immediately
  • Always tip the dealer!
  • Do not talk about your hand while the hand is in progress
  • Pay attention to the action when you are in a hand
  • Do not splash the pot
  • Do not cuss at the tables
  • You cannot agree with someone to check a hand down when another player is all-in.
  • Do not take chips off the table unless you are leaving the game (going south)
  • Do not damage the cards
  • Do not act out of turn

And a key rule to leave you with: Always remember that unless you have been in the same shoes as another player (which you probably haven’t), you have no right to criticize their play.

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