Poker Course Being Taught at MIT University


A former high stakes poker player by the name of Will Ma is teaching a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Besides being one of America’s top technology schools, MIT is known for its famed blackjack team of which used card counting to beat the casinos and inspired the film 21. Famous poker pro Andy Bloch was a member of the MIT blackjack team.

The course is being offered during the university’s Independent Activities Period, during which anyone can teach pretty much anything. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the course, Ma had to change to a larger lecture room.

The course syllabus includes the following topics: pre-flop ranges, bet sizing, implied odds, flop texture, polarization, counting outs, credible bluffs, thin value bets, slow-playing, ICM theory, probability and expectation, Law of Large Numbers, Nash Equilibrium, variance and risk, myths of poker, poker lifestyle.

Ma has invited some guest speakers to help teach the course including professional poker players Bill Chen, Matt Hawrilenko and Canada’s own Mike McDonald.

Lecture slides and videos of the course are available through the course’s website:



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