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Dan BilzerianMost poker-related stories focus on the conventional big name poker pros made famous through TV appearances or up and coming players who make a big score at a major tournament.

But what about those other guys who drop millions of dollars at the tables playing straight cash games? We don’t hear much about them in poker headlines but we’ll get occasional sneak previews into their lives via social media channels like twitter, facebook and instagram.

Some of them lead interesting lives. But who are they? Actors, hedge fund managers, business tycoons, heirs to family fortunes… they like to live large.

I recently read about this on/off poker player and found him interesting enough to share to change it up a notch from writing about the usual poker pros we’ve grown accustomed to.

Meet Dan Bilzerian. Now here’s a guy who looks like he is living in a silicone world but he ain’t no plastic surgeon. No one really knows what he does; his twitter profile description says: “Actor/Astronaut/Asshole and I play poker sometimes”.  We know that his father is a corporate takeover specialist so he probably comes from money and that he has a brother who also plays poker.

Dan mostly lives in Las Vegas but jet sets off to different places. According to his social posts where pictures can talk, Dan is often surrounded by hot babes and parties and shares his escapades with the his many followers. He posts about his female exploits and the girls seem to love it because they keep coming back. He is constantly spending money, much of it on partying, cars, homes, trips and gambling. If ever pictures could tell a story, this guys instagram photos are definitely entertaining.

Here are some samples:

Boats are fun
Life is pretty good lately w @alanakari

Dan Bilzerian chat








Dan Bilzerian cars
Thanks @rw_platinum for hooking up my rides, my LA fleet is reverse skunk. #whiteisright #PML










Just got back from Vegas, I packed light, left heavy.. Motherf***ers #cantkeepagoodmandown











By the way, did I mention that he also plays poker sometimes. Last year he was at the high stakes poker room at Aria aka the Ivey Room sitting with $9.4 million in chips. To put it into perspective, that is more cash than first place at the WSOP Main Event. Just three weeks ago in one night, he lost $3.1 million shooting dice and playing poker.

$9.4 million chipstack
$9.4 million chipstack






  1. don’t forget racing his 68 Super Cobra against a Ferrari 458… and winning it.

    and the playmate GF

    and ex-military.


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