Poker and its Positive Effects Regarding Alzheimer’s


Photo-For-Alzheimer-pokerLeading researchers on Alzheimer’s have always put forth studies saying that numerous brain stimulating activities can drastically reduce the chances of one becoming victimized by Alzheimer’s but a new study is outlining a specific activity that could have one of the most beneficial affect – playing poker.

A study was done in France in 2009 that showed that elderly individuals (both male and female) who played card games at least twice a week showed a 50% reduction rate in all forms of dementia compared to those that didn’t actively stimulate their minds.

Dr. Jeffrey Cummings is one of the top Alzheimer’s researchers in the world and he is behind this idea that playing poker has a dramatic effect on the disease.  He claims that the biggest danger for adults to develop the disease is a inactive lifestyle in retirement and such that lacks mentally stimulating activities. This basically follows the general proverb of “use it or lose it” and for mental health concerns it is something we should all be aware of.

Poker and its mental war between you, the cards, and the opponent counts as such stimulating activities and thus decreasing the number of cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the world. In 2006, over 26 million people in the world were suffering from the disease and it is predicted that by 2050 about 1 in every 85 people in the world will have the disease. Between now and 2050, it is expected that Alzheimer’s will cost about $20 trillion in taxpayer dollars, so if poker can help decrease those numbers and help older adults live a productive and healthy life, it is time to hit the felt!


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