Poker Affiliate Awarded $1.2 Judgement Against Pocket Kings, Former Full Tilt Owner


Large poker affiliate PokerStrategy has was a court case against Pocket Kings, the parent company and former owner of Full Tilt Poker, even though the company has been liquidated. The lawsuit originates from an agreement between the two companies which was finalized prior the Black Friday shut down of Full Tilt which was subsequently acquired by PokerStars after a series of complex negotiations with the U.S. DoJ.

The owner of Poker Strategy is reportedly negotiating with Pocket Kings liquidators to secure payment following a decision in its favour by the Irish High Court, Ireland being the domicile of Pocket Kings.

Full Tilt Poker had an outstanding invoice with Poker Strategy amounting to the claimed amount, remuneration for sending some 30,000 players per month to the site.

Although the judgement is for $1.2 million, the actual amount that will be available to Poker Strategy for the settlement is unknown.

PokerStrategy owner Dominik Kofert had stated “Despite the large sum of money involved, we were careful to file the claim only after the rescue of Full Tilt Poker was completed as it was of the utmost importance that this claim would not jeopardize any potential deal, player bankrolls or the resurrection of Full Tilt Poker. Thus, our claim has nothing to do with players getting repaid or not. That the players get repaid is a done deal & we deliberately waited with our claim until it was done.”

Following the acquisition by PokerStars, all former non-US players of Full Tilt Poker  have been repaid monies owed.


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