Playground Power Weekend Wraps Up


George-Caragiorgas-Playground-pokerThe Playground Power Weekend wrapped up early this week at Playground Poker Club just outside of Montreal, Quebec. The five event festival featured a couple bounty events, a deepstack re-entry, a Win the Button tournament, and an All-Stars for Starlight charity event with a $100,000 guarantee.

The festival kicked off on June 15 with an $80 Win the Button event. Win the Button is played like a regular no-limit hold’em game but when you win the pot, you also win the button for the following hand. The event drew 67 entries with a prize pool of $4,550, paying the final seven players. After Giovanni Petrella busted in seventh place for $170, the remaining six players decided to cease play and chop up the remaining prizepool via an ICM chop. Ryan Garonce grabbed the biggest chunk banking $1,044. Here is how the money was distributed.

1 Ryan Garonce $1,044
2 Houman Keramati-Nouri $856
3 Siamak S $724
4 Denis Scott $664
5 Trevor Dixon $630
6 Daniel Gates $462


The first day of the festival also saw the first of four starting flights for the All-Stars for Starlight event where no rake was charged and $25 of the $150 entry fee was donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada. The charitable organization is dedicated to bringing laughter, joy, and hope back into the lives of children with serious illness.

The event drew 685 runners over the four qualifying sessions missing the $100,000 guarantee but gathering $17,125 for the charity. The event paid 63 spots but as two players were eliminated during hand-for-hand play, they split the min-cash evenly. The event was won by John Palmer cashing in for $17,808. According to the Playground Poker Club blog, Palmer was a chip leader on Day 2 but entered Day 3 as a short-stack. It didn’t seem to slow him down however as he steamrolled the final table. Palmer had a big lead going into heads-up play but his opponent, Prosper Azoulay, evened things up and the two decided to make a deal. Both secured $15,807 and left $2,001 to play for. Here are the final table results.

1 John Palmer $17,808.00
2 Prosper Azoulay $15,807.00
3 Robert Amireault $9,750.00
4 Mathieu Boulanger-Vaugeois $7,150.00
5 Mathieu Leclerc $5,260.00
6 Jonathan Bussières $3,875.00
7 Ian Armorer $2,850.00
8 Daniel Leddy $2,100.00
9 Marckenley Bastien $1,500.00


The $125 Bounty event took place on June 16 drawing a crowd of 70 players. The event featured a $25 bounty awarded for knocking an opponent out of the tournament. The prize pool closed at $6,111 paying the final eight players. One play reached the final table however, the players decided to take some cash off the top prizes and award the ninth-place finisher with a prize as well. The final five players asked to see ICM chop numbers and after a brief discussion a deal was made. Vasilios Sklavounos scored the largest sum taking home $1,225. Here is how the money was distributed:

Vasilios Sklavounos 468,000 $1,225.00
Joey Boczek 370,000 $1,146.00
Marc Lacroix 252,000 $1,015.00
Leo Hackenbroch 225,000 $980.00
Daniel Gates 85,000 $725.00


The second bounty event of the festival was slated for June 19th and caught the interest of 171 hopefuls. Dubbed the ‘50/50 Bounty’ the no-limit hold’em tournament featured a buyin of $220 with $100 going to the prizepool, $20 charged for rake, and $100 sitting on the head of every player. Knockout a player and earn $100. The one-day event had a prize pool worth $16,587, paying 18 spots with a top prize of $3,897. After playing eight-handed for almost three levels, the final tablists decided to look at ICM chop numbers and made a deal. Here are the payouts for the final eight:

Shawn S $2,365.00
Peter Johnson $2,130.00
Dave Primeau $1,900.00
David Glube $1,880.00
Kuong Chhe Kuoch $1,740.00
David Letourneau-Sullivan $1,570.00
Jonathan Poissant $1,250.00
Alexandre Faucher-Abud $1,072.00


The final event of the festival was also the largest. The $550 Deepstack Re-entry kicked off on June 18 with the first of two starting flights. Starting at 11:00 AM each day, registration remained open until 6:30 PM and players were allowed one entry and one re-entry for each flight. Day 1a saw 90 entries as Shaan Siddiqui claimed the chip lead with 303,000.

After registration closed on Day 1b the total amount of entries received from both starting flights was 213 creating a prize pool of $103,305. The event would pay the final 24 players with a top prize of $25,000. Mike Lafable ended Day 1b as the chip leader bagging 335,500. Day 2 began with 57 survivors and by the end of play only seven remained. George Caragiorgas started Day 3 with the chip lead and rode it all the way to the title. Once the event got down to three-handed, Caragiorgas along with Alexandre Lachapelle Durand and Peter Johnson Jr. asked for ICM chop numbers and decided to remove $500 each from their payout and play for the title and an extra $1,500. Caragiorgas was crowned the champion and walked away with $22,205. Here are the final table payouts:

1 George Caragiorgas $22,205.00
2 Alexandre Lachapelle Durand $15,590.00
3 Peter Johnson Jr. $16,000.00
4 Alex Sauriol $8,320.00
5 Clayton Grunberg $6,240.00
6 Shaan Siddiqui $4,990.00
7 Mike Fraser $4,150.00
8 David Bonneau $3,320.00
9 Mike Lafable $2,480.00


For full details and results check out Playground’s site here. Stay tuned to Canada Poker for all the latest Canadian poker news and events. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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