Playground Poker Club Recap and Updates

JP Poirier Wins at Playground Poker
JP Poirier Wins second Free Buy Tournament at Playground Poker

The second day of Playground Poker’s grand opening was just as successful as the last – filled with two free buy tournaments today alone, players got a chance to win some great prize money from the $10,000 prize pools.

Many of yesterday’s pros were were on hand including Erik Cajelais, Marc Karam, Roy Winston, Mike “Timex” McDonald, Benjamin LeBlond, Johnny Malibu and Anne-Marie Angelil, daughter of René Angélil who is a poker celeb  and husband of Celine Dion.

As poker tables opened up from the tournament, the cash games became the focus and there were plenty of cash game tables in action from 1/2 NL to 10/25 NL and PLO in the main poker room. About a dozen cash game tables were going on until 6AM.

The first tournament featured some tough action but was eventually won by JP Poirier, a local player from adjacent town Chateaugay. The win required JP play for nearly 12 full hours but it was well worth it – eventually taking home $3,000 cash.

The “piece de resistance”, however,  had to be the carefully crafted High Stakes private poker lounge where a much bigger game was taking place throughout the evening. One could catch a glimpse through the big glass doors and windows to see serious money was in play – more than enough to merit its High Stakes name. During the night there was about $400,000 in play and most pots were in the 5-figure range with some reaching and impressive $100,000 during the night in both No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha action. Quebec poker pro Erik Cajelais was playing much of the evening and later joined by pro Marc Karam.


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