Playground Poker NLH Faceoff Photo Gallery


Live from Playground Poker Club in Montreal for Day 1A of the NLH Faceoff Charity Poker Tournament with 15% of proceeds from buy-ins and rebuys being donated to the Jodi Taiger Lazarus Fund for Hereditary Breast Cancer Research.

A total of 141 Players are participating in Day 1A and were drafted into teams headed by a Team Captain from the professional hockey world and an Assistant Captain from the professional poker world.

Team Captain combinations for Day 1A include:

  1. Steve Shutt (former Montreal Canadiens) / Marc Karam (poker Pro)
  2. Guy Carbonneau (former Montreal Canadiens) / Valerie Ross (poker Pro)
  3. Bobby Dollas (former Winnipeg Jets) / Antonio Esfandiari (poker Pro)
  4. Guy Lafleur (former Montreal Canadiens) / Will Molson (poker Pro)
  5. Mike Bossy (former New York Islanders) / Jennifer Leigh (poker Pro)

Here are photos from the tournament.



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