Heads-Up Tournament $2000 +$200 High Roller Day 1b Gallery


The Laak & Esfandiari Open started off its second day of play – Day 1B on Friday. Another 16 players are joining in on the day’s heads-up action. The 8 pairings of players are going head to head in a best 2 out of 3. Each winner will move on to the next round until it all culminates in an epic final where the best player from each team will go up against each other representing their respective coaches. The breakdown of today’s teams is as follows:

Phil Laak’s Team

Qi Hu vs. G. Baksic
M.A. Ladouceur vs. P. Plouffe
G. Rivet vs. Erik Cajelais
L. Francoeur vs. Phil Laak

Antonio Esfandiari’s Team

A. Greco vs. S. Stacey
S. Rinaldi vs. P. Braga
L. White vs. R.Farber
J. Gong vs. Antonio Esfandiari


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