Playground Hat Trick Poker Series Scores for Youth Hockey


After 10 hours of play on Saturday, Event 1 of the three-part Hat Trick Poker Series came to a close with the top four players agreeing to a 4-way deal that would end the tournament in the early morning hours. Money was raised from re-buys, add-ons, donations and a silent auction to benefit youth hockey initiatives in Montreal and Kahnawake.

Everyone got to meet and play with some really cool guys from the Montreal Canadiens who also shared photographic and autograph moments with the club patrons at Playground Poker, the host of the event. Although they did not finish at the final table, the four hockey pros who co-hosted the night consisting of Josh Gorges, Travis Moen, Brendan Gallagher and the man behind the mask Carey Price showed us they were true Aces when it came to helping the kids and spending time with fans.

A total of 20% of the prize pool from each of the three individual Hat Trick Events will be withheld for the Hat Trick Playoffs set to take place on March 24, 2013. The top 9 finishers from each event will return to play for that prize pool.

Here are the finalists from Part 1 of Playground Hat Trick Series.




1 Todd Hylland $2,800
2 Jay Kastner $2,000
3 Blake Farber $2,000
4 Mike Garoufalis $2,000
5 Richard Koffler $800
6 Yassine Elmousit $600
7 Patrick St-Onge $450
8 Jean-Philippe Piquette $300
9 Simon Belanger Advances to final

The next segment of the Hat Trick Series will resume on Sunday February 10th and is not to be missed. More faces from the Montreal Canadiens will join the action and it is a great opportunity for hockey and poker fans to come by and play some great poker with the hockey pros and raise money for a great cause.

The total amount of money raised for charity will be announced after the 3 events are completed.


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