Player Profile: John Agelakis


John AgelakisAgelakis is a true poker player in every sense of the word – when asked how he got into poker, he just smiled and told us of the fond memories he has sneaking into casinos at the age of 16 to play at the blackjack tables. From that point, it didn’t take long before John saw a poker game for the first time. He decided to sit down at a table for the first time and was hooked from that point.

Despite all this, however, John always expected to make his mark in hockey. “I was supposed to be a hockey player”, he recalls.  In fact, John actually received a college scholarship offer because for his experience in hockey, but refused the offer. His hopes of a career in hockey came to an end in his early 20s when he sustained a critical knee injury before a game in Germany. That’s when he finally fell back on poker.

John gradually tightened up his game over the next few years, playing as many games as he could in order to hone his skills. The decision paid off and he has been able to turn a tidy profit on his passion. While he loves playing cash games around his local Vancouver circuit, John also played in the 2010 WSOP for the first time.

John loves to travel and has lived in places all over North America, including New York, Atlantic City, and in his hometown of Vancouver.


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