Premier League VII Heat 2 – Updates


partypoker-premier-league-7-logoWe are live from Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, Quebec and playing Heat 2 of the Premier League VII  during WPT Montreal week. Last night Jeff Gross outlasted 7 other opponents in heat 1 and picked up 14 points, putting him in a comfortable position for the other heats to be played.

Tonight we have some new faces and 4 returning players from heat 1, including Brian Rast, Scott Seiver, the “Jungleman” Daniel Cates and Jason Koon. Here is tonight’s roster of pros.


Seat 1 Brian Rast
Seat 2 Scott Seiver
Seat 3 Daniel Cates
Seat 4 Dan Shak
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel
Seat 6 Phil Laak
Seat 7 Vanessa Selbst
Seat 8 Jason Koon


The action is unfolding a little faster than last night. Dan Shak has already been eliminated by the Jungleman. Scott Seiver is the current chip leader with 761,000 chips, nearly 250k more chips than 2nd place Cates.

The blinds are 4k/8k +2k antes.

Vanessa Selbst just got eliminated in an all-in situation against Brian Rast.


Hand 67: K is for Koon

Koon : Ks :Kc

Seiver :Td :8d

Flop  :4d :7d :Kd

Seiver bets 32k post flop already holding a flush. Koon has trip kings. Koon raises to 78k. Seiver calls.

Turn :9s

Koon goes all-in. Seiver calls.

River :7c

Koon, on the verge of elimination got saved by a full house on the river. Takes a huge pot and swaps the chip lead with Seiver.

Seat 8 Jason Koon          588,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          572,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          421,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          340,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          282,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          198,000


Chip counts after 80 hands of play.

Seat 8 Jason Koon          576,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          493,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          402,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          366,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          343,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          221,000


Hand 83 Jungleman hanging by a vine

Jungleman  :7s :4d

Duhamel :8h :7h

Flop :6c :5h :Jd :9d :Qc

Series of bets and Jungleman goes all in on the river. Duhamel snap calls and Cates is crippled. Duhamel is the new chip leader.

Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          756,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          476,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          443,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          404,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          215,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          107,000


Players are on a 1 hour dinner  break after 84 hands.

We are back from the dinner break, it went longer than anticipated. The players decided to have dessert 🙂

Blinds are at 6k/12k + 2k antes. We are still 6 handed.


Hand 90 Jungleman doubles on Duhamel

Jungleman :Ah :7s

Duhamel :Ac :6c

Jungleman goes all in pre-flop from the SB and Duhamel calls from BB.

Flop :2h :Qc :7c :6d :8d

Jungleman picks up a nice pot to stay alive.

Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          501,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          500,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          438,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          411,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          284,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          262,000

You guys can’t see this but Phil Laak is wearing ski goggles, he heard we are getting snow tomorrow in Montreal and wants to be prepared.


Hand 97: Scott the ReSeiver

Koon :8h :6d

Laak :4s :3s

Duhamel :8c :6c

Seiver :Kd :Jd

A series of bets. Flop comes :Jc :7h :4h giving Seiver top pair. Koon and Laak fold. Duhamel raises to 128k with the straight draw. Seiver goes all in and Duhamel snap folds. Seiver picks up the 291k pot and regains the chip lead.

Seat 2 Scott Seiver          750,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          379,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          371,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          348,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          277,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          271,000


Hand 99: Jungleman hurts Duhamel

Duhamel :Td :Tc

Jungleman :Ah :Kc

Duhamel raises to 60k and Cates jams all in from the short stack. Duhamel calls.

Flop :Ac :6h :8c : 8d : 6c

Jungleman swings the pot with a pair of bullets. Duhamel is left with one big blind he will be all in next hand.


Hand 103: Staying Alive

Koon :Qd :Qh

Duhamel :Qc :5c

Duhamel all-in and Koon too.

Flop :7c :Qs :5d :Kc :3c

Duhamel picks up a flush draw on the river.


Hand 104: All in Jonathan

Duhamel :Ad :Qh

Jungleman :Ah :4h

Duhamel all-in and Cates calls.

Flop :6d :7d :7h :3h :2c

Jonathan Duhamel is making a comeback.

The blinds are 8k/16k +3k antes.

Seat 2 Scott Seiver          649,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          419,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          409,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          382,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          376,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          170,000

Hand 113: Duhamel the comeback kid.

Duhamel :8s :8d

Laak :As :Qc

Duhamel all-in and Laak calls.

Flop :6s :5c :2h :2c :8d

Duhamel takes it. Phil’s snow goggles don’t bring him any luck.

Seat 2 Scott Seiver          572,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          443,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          406,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          379,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          368,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          237,000


Hand 116: Laak is Back

Laak :Ac :4c

Duhamel :Qs :6s

Seiver :7h :7s

Seiver and Duhamel call, Laak raises to 125k from the button. Duhamel folds. Seiver in.

The flop is :Ad :2c :Qh and Laak picks up a pair of rockets. He bets 51k and Seiver is thinking about it. He folds and Phil Laak picks up big pot.

Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          495,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          441,000
Seat 6 Phil Laak          406,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          384,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          349,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          330,000


Hand 119: Laaked Out

Duhamel :Kd :Kc

Laak :9s :9d

Laak raises to 41k and Duhamel reraises to 107k. Laak is talking a lot as he tries to decide what to do. Laak is going all in and Duhamel follows.

Flop :Ah :3s :As  :6h :4s

Phil Laak is out.

Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          909,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          689,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          340,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          335,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          132,000

Duhamel just took another nice pot from Seiver. Duhamel has risen from the ashes here tonight to gain a heavy chip lead.

The blinds are 10k/20k + 3k antes.


Hand 132 – Koon comes out of his cocoon.

He has waited over 100 hands before making a move. He picks up the blinds on a couple of back to back all-in hands with no takes. He is the short stack.


Hand 139: Duhameltdown

Jungleman :Ac :Kc

Duhamel :As :Tc

:3c :7c :2d : Qh :6h

Jungleman goes all in and Duhamel calls.

Jungleman wins with higher card and takes huge pot and knocks down Jonathan chips to about half and is the new chip leader.


Seat 2 Scott Seiver          716,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          562,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          549,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          295,000
Seat 1 Brian Rast          267,000

Players back and the blinds are 12k/24k + 4k antes.


Hand 160: Rast wants out

Rast goes all in pre-flop with average cards. Seiver calls.

Seiver :As :Kd

Rast :Td :8s

Flop  :4c :7s :Qd :5d :2c

Rast is out in 5th place in tonight’s heat.

Seat 2 Scott Seiver          796,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          781,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          432,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          391,000

Hand 166: Jungleman strikes back

Seiver :Kc :5d

Jungleman :Qh :Qs

Seiver goes all in pre-flop and Cates calls with pocket queens.

Flop :6c :Jd :Js :Th :6s

The Jungleman wins the big pot.

Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          964,000
Seat 2 Scott Seiver          556,000
Seat 3 Daniel Cates          476,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          404,000

The blinds are up to $15k/$30k + 5k antes after 168 hands of play.


Jungleman is out after being severely short stacked. We are 3-handed now.

Seat 2 Scott Seiver          995,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon          965,000
Seat 5 Jonathan Duhamel          445,000


Hand 183: Duhamel out by Koon

Duhamel :Ac :Jc

Koon :6h :6d

Both men all in.

Flop  :8d :4h :7c :Kc :2h

Duhamel is out after an amazing night of play.

We are now heads-up Seiver vs. Koon

Seat 2 Scott Seiver      1,395,000
Seat 8 Jason Koon      1,005,000

After several hands of heads up, Koon earns a 2:1 chip advantage.


Final Hand 228:

Koon :As :8d

Seiver :Qd :8h

Both men all in preflop

Flop :Qh :8c :Jd :Ad :6S

Koon wins heat 2 with top pairs A-8 vs Q-8.

For much of the night, Koon has sat silently in the background while most of the other players were battling it out. It wasn’t until he became a short stack at risk of elimination with five men remaining that he started to actually play. The patient man endured and picks up 14 points, putting him in a good position in the Premier League VII going forward.




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