Party Poker launches new game: Double Hold’em


Party-Poker-Double-Hold-emOnline poker room Party Poker just launched a new variation of Texas Hold’em called Double Hold’em.

In this game, you start each hand with three hole cards instead of two. This means you have a chance of making monster hands, but be careful, so do your opponents.

After the flop, you nominate one card to be what’s called your ‘point card’. Then this card is played alongside your other two cards, making two separate hands and then you automatically play with whichever hand is the strongest.

To select the point card, when prompted you select the card you want to position as the point card. The card will move to the center of the 3 hole cards if not already there and be raised. Once the point card is selected it cannot be changed.

Each of your other two hole cards plays with the point card. You then play with two hands, Hand 1 is formed by the point card and the card to the left and Hand 2 is formed by the point card and the card to the right with the five community cards for twice the action of Texas Hold’em. Hand 1 and Hand 2 could use all of the community cards, the point card or the non point card and 4 community cards or both point and non point cards plus 3 community cards.

The strongest of the two hands is the one that is played; this may change as additional community cards are dealt.

Say for example you are dealt :Kh :Ah :8h. After pre-flop action takes place, the flop is dealt. If the flop comes :Kd :Jh :5h, you select :Kh as your point card. This initially means that you can make a hand either using :Ah :Kh or using :Kh :8h.

There are a total of four rounds of betting which follow the betting sequence that we see in conventional hold’em. Say for example that now the Turn and River are :Ks and :2h.

The best card in this example scenario is a Ace high flush so this is the hand that would be played. If, however, the river came a :2s instead of :2h then the hand to play would be three Kings.

You can play Double Hold’em in both Limit or No Limit formats.

Click here to try Double Hold’em and let us know in our forum what your take is on this new game on Party Poker.


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