“Operation Zombie” Leads to Arrest of Online Gambling Hacker


hacker-featuredLast week, police in Argentina arrested a 19-year old hacker who stole an estimated $50,000 a month from victims active in online gaming and money transfers that totalled more than $600,000.  The police shut off power to an entire neighbourhood in order to preserve evidence on computers and apprehend the suspect.

The hacker used a malware virus that was transferred to users downloading gambling software and then used denial of service attacks (DDoS) to prevent users access to their accounts while he was stealing their money.

In a statement from the Security Ministry, Chief Prosecutor Graciela Gils Carbo said: “Internet users were victims of a ‘malware’ virus that the hacker hosted in a server for downloading online gaming applications.”

The DDoS attack was mounted using a network of thousands of “zombie” computers to saturate the payments platform.

Police raids were also carried out in other locations and six other people were arrested as part of the operation.


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