Online Poker Player from Canada known as “Barcode” Eating Up High Stakes Cash Games


A mystery online poker player believed to be from Canada according to his online profile and identified by the nickname “1Il|1Il|1il|” but also being called “Barcode” in the online poker community has been tearing up the high stakes tables on PokerStars. Barcode is up $1.2 million so far in October and still on the rise with total winnings over the past 12 months of over $1.9 million.

The last time there was a mystery player making his peers nervous was when the infamous “Isildur1″ was winning big at the high stakes tables online. His identity was later revealed as Viktor Blom from Sweden and he has been one of Barcode’s victims losing $173,000 to the mystery player in a recent encounter at the tables. Barcode’s  one week earnings totaled about $500,000.

Developing a winning strategy has come at a price to Barcode who apparently lost over $200,000 when he started playing the big tables.

Other online poker pros eating up the online cash tables in 2012 on PokerStars are “Sauce123” from USA up $2,935,439 since the beginning of the year, followed by “Ben86” from USA ($2,579,211), “MrSweets28” from USA ($2,378,408), “Jeans89” from Finland ($2,350,841) and “EireAbu” from Holland ($2,181,414).

Wherever there are winners there must also be losers. The most notable ones are “Zypherin” from Canada (-$3,160,896) rumoured to be Guy Laliberte, followed by “Isildur1” from Sweden (-$2,502,299), “patpatman” from Macau (-$2,413,728), “Ilari FIN” from Finland (-$1,356,550) and “broksi” known to be Gus Hansen, the new face of Full Tilt Poker (-$1,085,191).


  1. Interesting how the top money earners are from the United States yet PokerStars claim not to accept American players anymore. I suppose anything is possible with virtual IP addresses and offshore bank accounts – but can someone fake their passport or ID cards so easily nowadays? If such huge money is in play, you would think that PokerStars perform the necessary document checks from the customers according to the anti-money laundering and so called “strict” rules of the Isle of Man gaming commission.

    • wtf are you talking about? None of these players live in the US,they have all moved to other countries in order to continue playing online. And yes you have to send them all documents to get your account restored,proof of new address in your new country,bank account,passport etc.


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