Ongame Network Introduces Fast Fold Variant Called “Strobe Poker”


The Ongame Network which is owned by Montreal-based Amaya Gaming is the latest poker network to introduce its version of fast fold poker, a variant pioneered by Full Tilt Poker as Rush Poker. A total of 20 poker skins now offer Strobe Poker.

Strobe Poker is currently available only at lower stakes ($0.05/$0.10 and $0.15/$0.30), five-handed, no-limit hold’em cash tables, with plans to add higher stakes games depending on player demand and the ability to sustain the games.

Like other versions of the fast fold game, Strobe Poker players join player pools in which they switch tables and opponents following each hand. Players can fold their hand immediately and move on. An algorithm is employed to ensure players post blinds in an equally distributed manner.

The fast fold variant is considered to be an important offering that increases the attractiveness of online poker sites and an important source of revenue. Most of the larger poker software providers have by now incorporated fast fold poker.


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