On the Rail at a Game of Strip Poker 18+


Strip PokerSo for seven days, this group of people sat in some ground level store window in New York City playing strip poker as spectators looked on with their camera phones. In all my years of watching live poker tournaments, I haven’t seen an audience be so captivated from the rail, and in  cold weather too.

No chips, no money, just clothes being thrown into the pot. Is it still considered gambling? Do you get to keep everyone else’s rags if you win?

Here’s an original idea for TV producers: make a strip poker TV show. To add some  flavour, players can go “all-off” instead of all-in and you could win a bad beat prize when your aces get “cracked”. Let’s call it Tex-Ass Hold’em or the Strip Poker Tour. I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet. No plastic chairs please…




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