OLG Corporation Publishes First Corporate Responsibility Report

Ontario Lottery Corporation
Ontario Lottery Corporation

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has released its first comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The report will serve as a baseline measure of OLG’s efforts in a number of areas of social responsibility, including:

  • Responsible Gambling and efforts to address problem gambling;
  • Earning and keeping customers’ trust;
  • Supporting employees’ engagement in communities;
  • Strengthening communities; and
  • Reducing OLG’s impact on the environment.

Ontario dedicates more funding to Responsible Gambling than any other jurisdiction in North America — over $50 million last year alone. This includes funding for research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

Some of the tools employed by the province to combat problem gambling and ensure player protection includes: player education, future player tools to set time and money limits for slot machines and online games, self exclusion programs, the offering of problem gambling treatment services, and employee training and a culture of care.

In the past, OLG has reported on its social responsibility initiatives in a number of different ways, including its Responsible Gambling metrics and progress reports, which are posted on knowyourlimit.ca; its annual report; and In Your Community reports. Now, OLG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report will bring all of this information together each year into one comprehensive document.

“We are proud of the progress we are making on our CSR efforts,” said Rod Phillips, President and CEO, OLG. “Each year, through this report, we will demonstrate the progress we are making on these efforts and articulate our goals for the coming year.”

OLG’s 2012-13 Corporate Social Responsibility Report can be found here.


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