OLG Chairman Paul Godfrey Fired and Directors Resign


Paul-Godfrey-OLGChairman Paul Godfrey was let go as chair of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation by Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government late Thursday.

“I haven’t been given any reason for this decision — nor do I think there’s a particularly good one. I was fired,” Godfrey said at a news conference, adding Premier Wynne told to him the government was “going in a different direction.”

Godfrey was appointed in 2009, cleaning house after a series of insider wins and executive expense scandals. He was picked to lead the OLG into a new era. His goal was to improve revenues at for the province. Godfrey quickly announced that the province would introduce online gaming and expand the number of casinos. The government just recently signed a deal to provide online gambling and a downtown Toronto casino has been a hot topic.

An interim Chair of the OLG has been appointed effective immediately to assist with the ongoing implementation of the OLG’s modernization plan. The position will be filled by Peter Wallace, Secretary of the Cabinet.



  1. The guy is like 75 years old and still working. He should have been retired long ago and collecting pension.
    He is making other government workers look bad by still working. LOL


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