No U.S. Federal Internet Poker Legislation for 2012


The time has expired on federal Internet poker legislation for 2012. Earlier this year, Nevada Senator Harry Reid (Democrat) and Arizona Senator Jon Kyl (Republican) put forth the proposed legislation for Federally-regulated Internet poker commonly known as the Reid/Kyl Bill.

The Federal bill received opposition from the state lotteries across the country, from Indian tribes and state governors, all who fear that such a bill would hurt their respective gambling revenues.

Proponents of the bill have expressed their concern towards state-by-state legalization, instead of federal regulation, saying that it could result in inconsistent laws across the country. Already intrastate gambling laws for online poker are making progress in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

With elections preparations earlier in the year and a resolution to the looming fiscal cliff being the highest priority until the end of the year, Senator Reid would be unable to attach the bill to any legislation at the end of the 2012 Congressional term. Reid will continue to make it a priority in the new Congress in 2013.


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