New Concept: Insurance for Online Poker Cash Games


As online poker operators are trying to make the game more interesting by adding an array of new features, one company is beta testing an interesting new concept that can help reduce variances in cash games by offering all-in equity protection.

By downloading a desktop application offered by InsuredPlay that is currently in the beta stage and currently supports only 3 online poker rooms, a poker player can take out insurance with this company to minimize risk of being exposed to cash game swings. In return, you are required to pay a fee for using the service which is calculated as a percentage of the pot.

How much does it cost? How is it calculated?

The total amount charged to your account for an insured hand is called the Insurance premium.

The premium is calculated as :

  • If you have 70% chance to win a $100 pot at the time of all-in, you pay $31.5 to insure that hand.
  • If you have 80% chance to win a $100 pot at the time of all-in, you pay $21 to insure that hand.
  • If you have 90% chance to win a $100 pot at the time of all-in, you pay $10.5 to insure that hand.

If you lose the hand, the is deposited $100 into your InsuredPlay account instantly.

If you win, you lose the premium.

Details of insurance premium calculation

Insurance premium = Break even premium + insurance fee

Break even premium = Your losing chance x pot size

Insurance fee = insurance fee percentage x Break even premium


Before you decide to try InsuredPlay, you need to have an account on any of these supported poker rooms which you can download here: PokerStars, PartyPoker and TitanPoker.

From, you can see all hands that have been insured, and search and filter through previous logged hands. There’s also a built in hand replayer, odds calculator and a historical “luck” graph to show what your results would have been without the insurance in place.

Canada Poker does not endorse InsuredPlay as we don’t have prior experience with it. InsuredPlay appears to be related to another concept previously introduced called BubbleProtection which offers insurance for Multi-Table tournaments online. Poker players should always exercise caution and due diligence when downloading any software to their desktops, especially where financial transactions are supported.


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