New Animated Poker Series “The Micros”


The Micros Poker Series PilotIf you play online poker and have played micro stakes, you’ll enjoy watching a new animated series called “The Micros” which was created by Jay Rosenkrantz AKA “KRANTZ” and John Wray AKA “JimmyLegs”. “The Micros” follows three online poker players who have dreams of making it big in poker. In the pilot episode, the hero, Chase Berger, is playing heads-up in a $1 million tournament. After months of frustration, a break-even online microgrinder and his friends finally have a shot to break into the big leagues.

The show is geared to online poker players who play a lot. The show starts with Chase Berger, a player who has deposited $200 on an online poker site and after 854,722 hands has only won $3.48, facing a big decision whilst holding a pair of kings on an ace-high flop. The show also stars Berger’s friends and fellow micro-stakes grinders Tommy Phuoc and Rose Ballenger. Phuoc is a winning player but is scared of moving up in stakes, and Ballenger turns out to be a complete maniac with no bankroll management skills. The three characters cover the major player stereotypes that frequent the online micro stakes games.

The viewer then discovers that the decision Berger is facing is one that could net him $1,200,000 as he is heads-up in the “Mega Millions” tournament that he has entered using his entire bankroll! Will he fold? Will he call or shove? Will he win?

You can watch the episode below:


Rosenkrantz is the executive producer of the acclaimed online documentary “From Busto to Robusto” and is also working on another film project called “Boom: The Incredible True Story of Online Poker.” Rosenkrantz was also a part of the TV show “Two Months, Two Million” on G4. Wray is the co-creator of the short films “The R4v3n” and “The Ballad of Jackie Mayfair”.

Krantz and company have used the Xtranormal software that is readily available for free online and has already spawned off dozens of quality videos.

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