Nevada and Delaware Sign Poker Liquidity Sharing Agreement


partnershipWhile many in the USA still wait for a Federal online poker bill to come to reality, some individual states have taken matters into their own hands and offer online gambling within their state borders. The poker liquidity question has always been of concern regarding the viability of online poker for smaller states.

Nevada and Delaware have reached a pact today that would allow the sharing of player liquidity between internet gambling operators in both states, essentially allowing players in Delaware to play against players in Nevada. The Multistate Internet Gaming Association was established and members of the board will vote on the addition of new states.

Governors Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Jack Markell of Delaware signed a historic agreement today. The agreement authorizes internet poker operators in Delaware and Nevada to open up their games to players in both states.

The agreement allows for other states to join and establishes a minimum regulatory standard to be met by all participating states.

Each state will receive tax on the rake and fees attributed to the players within their state and the laws and regulations of each state will still apply to the players within their state.

The only other regulated state currently is New Jersey which has greater liquidity than the other two states combined.

No date has been specified for when players of the two states will be able to play against each other. The next step will be to work with software and technology providers is the next step to make this happen.


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