Motorists Stuck in Traffic Played Poker on the Freeway


la_poker_tableTraffic was so bad on a freeway in Los Angeles due to an accident, that a bunch of motorists set up a poker table and played poker on the freeway to pass the time last Friday. A driver happened to have a fold-up poker table, cards and chips in his car.

“These people set up a poker table and suggested that people play Texas hold’em with them,” said a nearby motorist who posted a photo on Instagram, told the L.A. Times.

The traffic jam lasted over three hours while a man apparently contemplated jumping off a freeway overpass. The authorities apparently talked him out of jumping and he was taken to hospital.



  1. Playing Poker on the Freeway…Excellent way to pass time while being stuck on a Freeway.The guy with table and chips..Genius 🙂


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