More Casinos in Niagara Falls?


Niagara Falls CasinoNiagara Falls City Council wants to allow new gaming establishments in the city and is seeking funding from the OLG to modernize the city’s two existing resort casinos.

According to Mayor Jim Diodati, “Niagara Falls is the premier gaming destination in Canada and a global brand that attracts millions of international tourists. It is the logical place in Ontario to expand the gaming sector and attract more tourism, jobs, investment and spending. The gaming industry is highly competitive,w ithout modernization at Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara we’re at risk of losing revenue to other operations in the province and in New York State.”

Just recently, New York State legislators tabled a proposal to establish Vegas style casino resorts in upstate New York, which borders with Ontario.

City Council Resolution 35, approved by the full Council Aug. 13, 2013, states that ” Niagara Falls City Council believes the best way to ensure Niagara’s two casinos retain their role as significant local/regional employers and restore their traditional role as generators of provincial revenue and tourism attractors is through the introduction of product diversification, new investment, such as a new 7000 seat theatre, and distinct and relevant branding differentiating Niagara’s two resort casinos.”

The Council sent a message to Premier Kathleen Wynne that “Niagara should be the Province’s premier resort casino destination, with a goal of permitting additional resort casinos to be established in Niagara Falls.”


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