Moon Kim Wins WPT Bay 101, Erik Cajelais in 4th for $256,300


The final table of the 2012 Bay 101 Shooting Star took center stage yesterday. The Canadian Erik Cajelais walked in with the chip lead but it was not expected to be a walk in the park as he had 5 other guys on his tail. The action moved slowly with players waiting for cards before making any big moves giving Cajelais the chance to steal a few blinds. The first elimination only came after five hours and it was the short stack Joseph Elpayaa who managed who went out first but by long before then the chip lead had been ceded to Moon Kim who made a couple of big plays against Cajelais in hands 27 and 30 to take over the chip lead. In hand 30, Kim won an important pot worth 1.3 million chips that managed to chisel down Erik.

Hand 30: Level 24: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante

Moon Kim raises under the gun to 58,000, and Erik Cajelais calls from the cutoff. The flop comes :Ad :Ts :4s, Kim bets 80,000, and Cajelais calls. The turn card is the :2h, Kim checks, Cajelais bets 165,000, and Kim calls.

The river card is the :8d, Kim checks, Cajelais bets 325,000, and Kim calls. Cajelais shows :3h :3s, but Kim turns over A-K to win the pot with a pair of aces.

Cajelais managed to regain the lead temporarily about fifty hands later but soon after the first elimination was done, we started seeing some action from the other players but soon enough Moon Kim regained the chip lead and who dominate the remainder of this final table and win it after 218 hands played beating Ubaid Habib in heads up. Cajelais finished in 4th.

Here are the final Bay 101 results:

1st: Moon Kim $960,900
2nd: Ubaid Habib $570,200
3rd: Joe Serock $320,400
4th: Erik Cajelais $256,300
5th: Andrew Badecker $192,300
6th: Joseph Elpayaa $128,200

Congratulations to all..


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