Montreal Casino Royal Series of Poker – Results


Série-Royale-de-Poker-au-Casino-de-Montréal-medThe first Royal Series of Poker tournament of 2013 took place at the Montreal Casino on Friday March 15. A total of 115 players entered to play the 1,100$ buy-in Texas Hold’em tournament. Many local poker pros were sure to mark the event on their poker calendar including recent WPT Montreal Winner Jonathan Roy, espacejeux pro Laurence Grondin, Chris McClung, Philippe Plouffe, Jean-Philippe Piquette, Benjamin LeBlond, Samuel Chartier, Jonathan Driscoll, Chanracy Khun, and Mr. Robert Cohen who won the same event exactly two years ago. The top 15 players made it in the money.

Here are the Royal Series of Poker results. DSCN0068


1.Jean-François Langevin 37,930$
2.Jonathan Thériault 22,310$
3.Xin Qi 13,390$
4. Dimitrios Passias 7,810$
5. Jiachen Gung 5,580$
6. Alexandre Arsenault 4,465$
7. Anne-Marie Angelil 3,905$
8. Samuel Louis Gagnon 3,350$
9. Jason Lau 2,790$DSCN0071
10. Jean-Denis Legault 2,235$
11. Mohamed Prenji 1,565$
12. Jonathan Driscoll 1,565$
13. M. Flibotte B 1,565$
14. Alexandre Lavigne 1,565$
15. Yves Massey 1,565$

Congratulations to all winners! Félicitations à tous les gagnants!


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