Moneybookers Announces Rebranding to Skrill


Skrill-MoneybookersThis week, the e-wallet service Moneybookers has announced that they have rebranded their service as Skrill. The new name is another slang term for money.

The message that management at Moneybookers want to convey with the new branding is that the new name Skrill will best describe what their e-business does. “For us it means a safe and innovative way for consumers to pay for their online goods,” the statement on the website explains. “Skrill means flexibility. Skrill means choice. Skrill means reliability and peace of mind. Skrill makes you online safe. Wouldn’t it be great paying for all your online purchases directly from your PC, your iPad, or smart phone? Wherever you are, whatever you do, soon you will… with Skrill.”

The company explains, “This is a big change for Moneybookers and, in fact, the whole industry, so it won’t happen overnight. But you can still sign up with Moneybookers now to be ready for the future. You’ll get all the usual fantastic benefits and be first in line to upgrade to Skrill when it goes live.”

The changeover from Moneybookers to Skrill appears to be a move to take the company further into the online retail business and away from internet gambling. Besides paying for online gaming services, Moneybookers can be used at many online shops including eBay and Skype.

For many Canadian poker players seeking to play online poker, a frequent problem that arises is the inability to use their credit card to deposit onto the online poker sites. This setback stems from the laws currently enacted in the United States that prohibit many banks to refuse online gambling transactions. Since some of the Canadian banks rely on major banks south of the border for part of their credit card processing, a direct side effect is that Canadian poker customers are also affected.

Moneybookers (now Skrill) has served as very secure and trusted internet wallet for Canadians and poker players worldwide since 2002 and offers one of the best options for funding and withdrawing funds to and from their online poker and gaming accounts. The main advantage of using a secure payment wallet such as Skrill, customers who may be the least bit hesitant to provide their credit card details to an online gaming site, don’t need to be. Instead, they could use it as a single payment vehicle for use in all of their internet poker needs. Thereby, limiting the need to disclose credit card or banking details to a variety of internet websites with whom they deal on a regular basis.

Another advantage to Skrill is that customers can send and receive money to and from other friends who also have a Skrill account by instant transfer to their email address.

Skrill is registered and administrated through the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, giving the company regulation through the financial laws of the U.K. The company’s main competitors are such sites as PayPal and Neteller.

Sign up for a free Skrill account by clicking here and you could qualify for a special VIP status for select members of


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