Mike Curtis Wins 2019 PEI Poker Challenge

$300 + $30 PPC Open Limit Texas Hold’em Payout
$90,000 Prize Pool* 300 Entries*

2019 PEI Poker Challenge Final Results May 24th – 26th

PlaceNameProvincePayout *
1Mike CurtisPE$23,000
2Laura MacMillanPE$13,500
3Gary BranscombeNB$8,100
4Adam MurrayNB$6,000
5Kris MartinNS$4,500
6Cody GilbyNS$3,700
7Andrew KnowlesNB$3,100
8Calvin LakeNS$2,750
9Devon HannaNS$2,500
10Laura SextonNB$2,200
11John MoorePE$1,800
12Daniel FrancisNS$1,800
13Josh MarrNB$1,500
14Jason BillingtonNS$1,500
15Boyd RosePE$1,300
16Rick PorteousNS$1,300
17Kendrick BanksPE$1,050
18Todd WebbNS$1,050
19Bill MacMillanPE$1,050
20Gerald MacLeodNS$900
21Dale BabineauNB$900
22Andrew MaxfieldPE$900
23Dan SmithPE$750
24Arthur JayPE$750
25Janet CowperNS$750
26David MacKinleyNB$750
27Dan HughesPE$650
28Brian MacDonaldNS$650
29Andrew MinifieNB$650
30Bill BanfieldNS$650
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