Miguel Proulx Blazes through 2010 WSOP


As Event #28 began, Canadians already had two WSOP bracelets to celebrate and were hoping that Miguel Proulx from St. Charles, Quebec could give us a third. Proulx entered the final table of the $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament as one of the big stacks, but found as the short-stack later on. It was not looking good at this stage, but Proulx managed to stay afloat and eventually he pushed his way back into the tournament. With Canada already having momentum thanks to the two previous wins by Daya and Lefrancois, Proulx knew he had momentum on his side.

He used that momentum to overtake Loren Klein from Las Vegas, and Proulx’s final stretch of running hot proved to be enough to take home the title. Proulx took home $315,311 for the victory along with the coveted gold bracelet. Canada now had its third bracelet of the 2010 WSOP and the moment was not lost on Proulx.

“It feels really great. It’s an accomplishment that not many players will be able to get. I mean, they will spend a lot of money to get one. But in my case the field was large, so it feels great to come over the top and win the gold bracelet.”

The fact that he was the third Canadian champion wasn’t lost on Proulx either; “You always watch for your country and your province, so it feels really great.” Winning this event showed that Canadian poker players are not just Hold’em players either. It takes a special player to be able to excel at all the different variations of poker and Proulx proved with this victory that he is in that category and that he is a world class Omaha poker player.

Proulx not only discussed how great the Canadian poker scene is with so much talent in the country, but commented on how Quebec has really become a hot-bed for Canadian poker talent these days; “We (Quebec) have had a huge year here. This is the second gold bracelet we have won. We have about 7 million people, so that’s pretty good. We have a runner up too, so he could have won. It’s been a pretty good year for the guys here in Quebec”

Proulx hit it spot on, and although Quebec-born Canadians are showing well at the WSOP, the quality of player has improved across the nation. With the level of skill increasing throughout all limits and varieties of poker, Canadians must continue to push each other to get better and Proulx is just another example of that.

Congratulations Miguel Proulx.


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