Merge Poker Network to Remove Bad Beat Jackpot Tables


In an effort to ensure a healthier poker room ecology, the Merge Poker Network has announced that they will remove the bad beat jackpot tables as soon the current bad beat jackpot (BBJ), which is currently close to $320,000, is hit.

The decision apparently came after a long analytical review in the hope that it will provide players with a better ring game selection and increased players at the stakes the BBJ tables used to be.

As soon as the bad beat jackpot is hit on Merge, the BBJ tables will automatically be removed and the 20% seed money that is normally applied to reseed the next BBJ will instead be divided between the players of the BBJ hand.

Poker rooms on the Merge Poker Network include Carbon Poker,, and many others. Merge is the 12th largest poker network globally and one of few remaining poker networks still accepting players from the USA.  Merge has boasted one of the largest bad beat jackpots in history, having reached over $1 million in January 2012.

Merge is not the only network to adopt this approach. Party Poker made a similar move earlier this year as many poker networks are struggling to find ways to increase their declining poker business.


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