Matt Juttelstad Claims Victory at 2012 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open


The World Poker Tour Lucky Hearts Poker Open came to a close on its fourth day of play. The day began at Hollywood’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino began with just six players vying for the top prize of $268,444. Sixth place already guaranteed each player at the final table would get a minimum of $42,185. In the end, however, none of the finalists would be a match for Matt Juttelstad. Matt had held a significant chip lead for the first two days of play and entered Day 4 in second place. In the end, it would be the final day’s lengthy 303 hands of play that had Juttelstad kissing the trophy and ecstatically holding wads of cash.

Matt Juttelstad, WPT Lucky Hearts Winner
Matt Juttelstad, WPT Lucky Hearts Winner

Juttelstad’s big win seemed to be almost sheer coincidence as the player was only in Florida for a college interview. Luck would have it that he decided to extend his stay and participate in the WPT Lucky Hearts Open. Amazingly, he busted out of the tournament early in the first day of play, but remained persistent, buying in again for Day 1B. Nobody could fault him for his decision as this WPT cashout would turn out to be the biggest cashout of his poker career.

There is no poker story that comes without the story of certain defeat, however. To claim the win, Juttelstad was forced to go up head-to-head with young Floridian player Gigi Gagne. She was vying to become the very first female WPT winner in history. The heads-up at the final table was nothing short of spectacular, either.

Following some 30 odd heads-up hands, every tournament chip finally found its way to the middle of the table. Gagne eagerly revealed her straight, no doubt optimistic of her chances. In the end, that wouldn’t be enough as in the final moments, Juttelstad revealed a bigger straight as the dealer laid the final card on the table, sealing the deal.

Gigi Gagne will be taking home a $158,444 consolation prize, her straight leaving her exactly 100k short of the top spot. Third place was awarded to Uri Kadosh, taking home just over $100,000.

We now leave you with one of the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Royal Flush Girls, frankly, just because we can!

WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Royal Flush Girl


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