Matt Jarvis Wins COPC Heads Up Tournament


Matt Jarvis has just won the signature Canadian Open Poker Championship event. After just over 3 hours of intense play at the final of the heads up tournament, the 25 year old has won the championship ring, beating out Christopher Bush for the title. In addition to the ring, Matt will be cashing an impressive $100,000 while Christopher Bush will be receiving $50,000 as a consolation prize.

The Final Hand of the COPC Heads Up Final

The winning hand played out as follows:

Jarvis 8 of clubs- 5 of hearts all in pre-flop vs. Bush’s Ace of spades –  2 of clubs. Board ran out flop 2 of hearts  – 8 of spades 8 of hearts turn 4 of spades river 7 of clubs.

Matt is on a hot streak at the moment as he recently pocketed $811,823 by maneuvering a field of 7,319, making the final table of  the 2010 World Series of Poker main event. He had to beat out Travis Brown in the semi-finals in order to secure his spot.

Exclusive Interview with Matt Jarvis



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