Matt Jarvis and Christopher Bush Head into COPC Heads-Up Final


Matt Jarvis and Brad Booth at the Final TableThe Canadian Poker Tour has certainly been a source of lots of excitement: thus far, the satellite tournaments have had their ups, downs, highs and lows for players from across Canada and South of the border.  Through it all, however, locals from Calgary have been on fire with 6 of 7 of all the first place tournament finishes being Calgary locals – some have even joked that if you weren’t coming into these tournaments from around the block then you might as well pack your bags and head home.

None of this has seemed to matter for Christopher Bush or Matt Jarvis, however. Both players will be going head to head in the main $5000 buy-in COPC heads-up event. Both players seem cool, collected and confident in their abilities; though readily acknowledge that this will be far from an easy game. Going into this tournament, there are no favourites and we expect both players to play a very tight game. Very best of luck to both Christopher and Matt!

UDPATE @ 2:36 PM:

We have posted a gallery containing pictures of the final table and will continue to upload them live as the game progresses. Stay tuned! Check out our Final Table Gallery

UPDATE @ 4:14 PM

Matthew Jarvis has taken the first round. Jarvis’ hand was King Queen while Bush held King 4. Bush pushed, King Queen called. Queen on the flop and Queen on the river.

UPDATE @ 4:48 PM

Matt Jarvis held a commanding chip lead in round 2 until Chris Bush doubled up twice. 7 – 8 off-suit versus Matt’s King 6 of hearts. The second double up came courtesy of Chris’ Jack 8 of diamonds making two pair against Matt’s pocket sixes. Matt currently holds a slight chip lead with blinds 200-400.

UDPATE @ 4:55 PM

Matt has won! Jarvis 8 of clubs- 5 of hearts all in pre-flop vs. Bush’s Ace of spades –  2 of clubs. Board ran out flop 2 of hearts  – 8 of spades 8 of hearts turn 4 of spades river 7 of clubs.


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