2019 March Power Weekend March 20-25 at Playground Poker Club


The Playground 500 offers four Day 1s and a $100,000 guarantee. Unlimited same-day and next-day re-entries should give you enough chances to qualify for Day 2 with a healthy stack. $4,965 will be withheld from the prize pool, to be redistributed to the top 3 finishers in the form of three seats for the next MILLIONS STEP 3 Satellite!

The Playground 100, accessible to everyone, is an amazing opportunity to play a multi-day event for just $110! It is guaranteed at $25,000.

March Power Weekend Event Schedule

March 2011:00AM#1$100 + $10Freeze$5,000
7:00PM#2$500 + $50Playground 500 Day 1AUnlimited Re-entry$100,000
March 2111:00AM#2$500 + $50Playground 500 Day 1BUnlimited Re-entry$100,000
7:00PM#2$500 + $50Playground 500 Day 1CUnlimited Re-entry$100,000
8:00PM$80 + $10MILLIONS North America Satellite
Turbo Re-entry – STEP 1
Unlimited Re-entry10 STEP 2 Seats
8:00PM#3$150 + $20 + $50PLO Bounty Re-entryUnlimited Re-entry$8,000
March 2212:00PM#2$500 + $50Playground 500 Day 1D TurboUnlimited Re-entry$100,000
7:00PM#2Playground 500 Day 2$100,000
8:00PM$80 + $10MILLIONS North America Satellite
Turbo Re-entry – STEP 1
Unlimited Re-entry10 STEP 2 Seats
8:00PM#4$100 + $10Playground 100 Day 1AUnlimited Re-entry$25,000
Saturday March 2312:00PM#4$100 + $10Playground 100 Day 1BUnlimited Re-entry$25,000
3:00PM#2Playground 500 Day 3$100,000
7:00PM#4$100 + $10Playground 100 Day 1CUnlimited Re-entry$25,000
8:00PM$400 + $40MILLIONS North America Satellite
Turbo Re-entry – STEP 2
Unlimited Re-entry25 STEP 3 Seats
Sunday March 2412:00PM#5$100 + $10Deepstack Turbo$10,000
1:00PM#4Playground 100 Day 2$25,000
7:00PM$1,500 + $150MILLIONS North America Satellite
Re-entry – STEP 3
Unlimited Re-entry5 MILLIONS
North America Seats
8:00PM#6$100 + $10Single RebuySingle Rebuy$10,000
Monday March 2512:00PM#7$100 + $106-Max Re-entryUnlimited Re-entry$5,000
7:00PM#8$150 + $20 + $506-Max Bounty$15,000
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