Marc Karam has been Rushed!


Mark KaramHave you ever played Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker?

The game of Rush Poker is a revolutionary style of playing online poker, by allowing you to be moved immediately into a new hand after finishing another. At a regular online poker table, you will play approximately 60-100 hands per hour, but at Rush Poker, you can easily play 300 or more hands in an hour!

So you can imagine the shock we felt when we heard that Marc “myst” Karam from Ottawa was playing 16 tables of Rush Poker at once!

According to our sources, Karam was playing 4 tables each of NL100 full table, NL100 6 handed, NL200 full table and NL200 6 handed! The reason behind his insanity: Marc Karam has made a bet that he can play 60,000 hands of NL cash in one day and result in a profit!

Good luck Marc!


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