Manitoba Lotteries has Launched Online Gambling Site under


Manitoba Lotteries have launched their online gambling site in partnership with BCLC using the brand which is already live in British Columbia. BC is sharing their existing infrastructure with Manitoba to make a seamless entry into the online gambling space.

Manitobans now have access to play poker, casino games and sports betting through a site licensed and regulated by Manitoba Lotteries. Manitobans will be able to play online poker with residents of BC and Quebec. Manitoba residents who are 18 years or older may register to play on the site.

For those who prefer to play online casino games, has a special promo for Manitobans who open an account. PlayNow is giving away a $50 registration casino token from now until the end of March. Players must enter the bonus code: PLAYNOWCASINO upon registration.

Revenues from will be reinvested into Manitoba communities. Three percent of online gambling net income will be provided to the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba and two percent will be committed to Manitoba Lotteries’ responsible gambling initiatives. The Province will allocate fifteen percent to support expanded provincial programming for Aboriginal sport and recreational activities. The remaining revenue will be directed to the Province of Manitoba to support priority programming in health care, education, community and social services and economic development.


  1. I suppose we’re about to be treated to yet another round of high-minded hand-wringing from the social engineering cliques. As in, “This will increase problem gambling,” yadda yadda yadda. Do humanity a favour: just fall off the earth.

  2. when will the ebingo begin for Manitoba, like the bingo that is on the Playnow site in BC. Why did it not start with the other games, if MB adopted the BC infrastructure, why was the bingo not added at the same time.

  3. why was the bingo not added at the same time the casino games were put on line if this MB site is mirrored after the BC site which also has the bingo games. When will the bingo games go on line in Manitoba. Thank you


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