Man Wins Tournament With Hand Tattooed on Shoulder


Jonathan Bredin tattooIn a bit of a strange story that took place in New Zealand at the main event final table of the PokerStars sponsored Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT), Jonathan Bredin defeated 126 players to win the championship. But there is more.

Bredin suffers from cerebral palsy and requires the aid of a special iPad and someone to help communicate his decisions at the poker table. He has shown over the last five days that he can play winning poker.

On the final hand of the 2013 ANZPT Queenstown Main Event, Jonathan Bredin started with the button and raised it up to 80,000. His opponent Daniel Laidlaw then moved all in and Bredin called, getting his helper to table his :Kc :Ks. Laidlaw turned over his :Ad :Qd .

Before the dealer turned over the flop, Bredin was gesturing towards his shoulder.

The  :3c :Kd :Js flop gave Bredin a set of kings, but also meant Laidlaw had a straight draw.

The :Qs turn didn’t change much and the :8c river meant it was all over in second place for Laidlaw.

Bredin’s carer then told everyone that Bredin had the exact same suited kings tattooed on his shoulder. When asked in an interview, why did he pick the kings, his carer answered that he originally was going to use Aces but he found them boring so he chose to tattoo kings instead. Jonathan will use his winnings to buy a car specially designed for people in his situation and use the rest of the money to continue playing tournaments.

An amazing story added to an amazing victory from Jonathan Bredin, who despite suffering from cerebral palsy, has overcome all odds to be crowned a the champion of the ANZPT Queenstown Main Event where he won $93,600 NZD for his victory.


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