Mackoff & Lavallee In Top 10 For Day 5 of EPT Sanremo

Jason Lavallee

After a not as short day of play, Tuesday’s 66 players remaining have been whittled down to just 24 remaining for Day 5 of EPT Sanremo; sitting comfortably in the top 10 chip counts are BC’s Jonas Mackoff and Quebec’s Jason Lavallee.While Lavallee, currently 8th in chips has seemed to be consistently adding to his stack with nothing but forward momentum, Jonas had dipped to to well under an average stack to start Day 4 but it seems somewhere along the way Tuesday he got his groove back in big way. Mackoff won a flip with pocket tens and never looked back; taking less than 12 big blinds at the start of play up to almost 1.7 million and 6th in chips with the blinds at 12k/24k with a 3k ante to end the day nearly 44 M deep.

According to his Tweets, Jonas “@donut604” credited a bit of his “rungood” to an earlier episode;

“Casino just tried to pay me 90e for 50e worth of chips. I selfishly corrected them in hope that the karma will pay off for day 4 instead.”

Maybe it worked?

Meanwhile, Lavallee also kept the heat on all day, over doubling an above average stack early;

“@constantcolorup: 754k at first break, havent lost a hand #beastbossmode”

It was all big stack play for Jason from there, making aggressive and energetic moves as follows that seen him also end the day with a 7 figure chip stack; “@constantcolorup: Just 6bet jammed q9s got a fold, #tryingtogiveitaway #buttheydontwantit”.

Lavellee and Mackoff are not the only players left to sport the Canadian flag for Day 5 however; Matt Salsberg, The L.A. based TV Producer and Writer of the hit series “Weeds” has indeed confirmed he is a passport carrying Canadian citizen, adding to the odds that one of our own can still take down the title and €800,000 top prize in Sanremo. Matt sits slightly below the average stack for his Day 5 return but has also been one of the most active and dangerous players throughout the tournament; expect more of the same Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Day 4 was also the end of the road in the Italy’s EPT Main Event for a few of our pros; both Mike Watson and Guillaume Rivet were eliminated in 59th and 63rd respectively but collect €12,000 for their efforts.

The €10,000 Sanremo High Roller sees Watson back in the thick of things however and he will be returning with the 50 players moving on to Day 2; Jonathan Duhamel is amongst the Day 1 chip leaders for this one, with€288,000 awaiting the winner and 10 spots paying.

We’ll be watching the action from the virtual rail, be sure to check back soon for the latest updates!


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