Louise Boyer Wins Série Royale de Poker at Casino de Montréal



Louise Boyer

The Série Royale de Poker took place on Friday at Casino de Montréal. The popular No Limit Hold’em Montreal poker tournament series was sold out with 120 players and reached a prize pool of $116,425 after fees. In addition to buying in directly, players were able to qualify for their $1,000 entry via satellites at the Montreal Casino and on Espacejeux, Loto-Quebec’s online poker site. One lucky Facebook fan won his entry through a special contest courtesy of Casino de Montréal.

There were several former Série Royale de Poker champions competing and seeking for repeat titles including Robert Cohen (Feb. 2011 – $90,540), Jean-Louis Arsenau (Oct. 2010 – $39,580) and Philippe Belley (Jul. 2010 – $29,335). Other notable local pros in the field included Pascal Lefrancois, Laurence Grondin , Jean-Philippe Piquette, Chris “doritos” McClung and Philippe Plouffe. The tournament kicked off at noon and players started with 20,000 chips.

By about 11:30 PM, a final table was reached. Here is a snapshot of the chip counts and seat assignments entering the final table.

Seat Player  Chips   
Seat 1 Elisa Bertucci                65,000  
Seat 2 Daniel Bergeron              234,000  
Seat 3 Louise Boyer              260,000  
Seat 4 Daniel Charette              568,000 *chip leader
Seat 5 Mathieu Martin              199,000  
Seat 6 Robert Cohen              126,000  
Seat 7 Carter Swidler              177,000  
Seat 8 Marc-Olivier Charpentier              126,000  
Seat 9 Michel Dubreuil              491,000  
Seat 10 Alberto Scuderi              155,000  


We were able to capture some of the action in the final table and here are some of the elimination hands.

10th Place

Just a couple of hands into the final table, we had our first elimination. Alberto Scuderi in Seat 10 goes all-in and his neighbour in Seat 9 Michel Dubreuil calls.  Alberto shows Q-J and has a pair with the board. Michel shows 8-9. The river card was good to Michel, it gave him a straight and elbow room to his left. Alberto Scuderi finishes in 10th place and takes home $2,910.

9th Place

In the first of several triple all-in situations, Elisa the short stack at the table goes all in. Mathieu Martin and Marc-Olivier both call and play for a side pot. All three players show pairs in their hole cards. Elisa with Q-Q, Mathieu with 5-5 and Marc-Olivier with K-K.  The board comes 3-A-8-Q-6 which gives Elisa 3 of a kind and a much needed chip boost. Marc-Olivier Charpantier is eliminated in 9th place with $3,495 in prize money.

8th Place

In another hand decided on the river, Mathieu Martin goes all-in and is called by Carter Swidler. Both men show cards: Mathieu shows J-3 vs. Carter K-6. The board comes A-5-8-7-4 and Carter picks up a straight to win the hand. Mathieu is sent packing in 8th position with $4,075.

Cohen triples-up

By now, Robert Cohen, a former Série Royale champion who made the final table, is the short stack. He goes all-in with 90K chips. He is called by Elisa and Daniel Charette who play for a side pot. Elisa bets 85K and Daniel folds. The two remaining players show cards: Robert with A-J and Elisa with K-K. The board is 10-8-3-4-A giving Robert top pair. No elimination but Robert triples his stack.

7th Place

After a series of bets and a flop of 10-6-3, Daniel Bergeron goes all-in and is called by Robert Cohen. Daniel has A-Q and Robert Cohen 4-4. The rest of the board 5-J does not help Daniel who is eliminated in 7th place and wins $5,240.   By now we are well into Level 20 with blinds of 8,000/16,000.

6th Place

In this hand, there are a series of bets leading to a flop of 7-10-6. Robert Cohen is all-in with pocket 9’s against Michel Dubreuil with Q-10. The rest of the board comes 4-6 giving both men two pairs but Michel has the better pair. Robert Cohen’s momentum came to an end and the former Série Royale champion takes home $6,405.

5th Place

Another triple all-in hand. Carter starts the betting and Elisa goes all-in pre-flop and Daniel calls. The board is 7-2-K-Q-A. Carter shows a stright with his 10-J. Elisa is out in 5th place winning $8,150.

4th Place

Michel Dubreuil goes all-in pre-flop a nd Carter Swidler calls. Showdown is Carter:  Q-9 vs.  Michel:  A-10 . The board is K-9-8-10-5 and once again Michel wins an elimination hand with a pair of 10’s. Carter takes $11,060 in prize money for 4th place.

Louise doubles-up

Flop of 6-8-5. Daniel bets and after some minutes to think, Louise calls and shows two pairs with 5-8. Daniel shows 2-4. The turn is Q and river is and Ace and Louise’s pairs hold up. Louise Boyer doubles up to win 396,000 pot. We are in Level 22 with blinds of 12,000/24,000.

3th Place

In the next hand, we have an all-in between Louise and Daniel. Daniel shows pocket 4’s and Louise is holding pocket Jacks. The board comes 5-J-5-7-6 and Louise picks up a full-house. Daniel Charette is eliminated in 3rd place and takes a prize of $13,390.

Heads Up

Heads up battle is between Louise Boyer and Michel Dubreuil. Louise has managed to chipped away at her opponent. In the final hand of the tournament, Louise goes all-in with A-Q and Michel calls with J-7. The board shows 2-10-5-J-K and just as it seemed like Michel would win the hand with a pair of Jacks, Louise picks up a King to win the tournament with a straight on the river. Louise wins the Série Royale de Poker and becomes the first female to win the series. She wins $39,580 for the victory. Michel played a great game and takes $22,120 for 2nd place.

Here are the final standings for the Série Royale de Poker.

Place Player Prize
1 Louise Boyer $39,580
2 Michel Dubreuil $22,120
3 Daniel Charette $13,390
4 Carter Swidler $11,060
5 Elisa Bertucci $8,150
6 Robert Cohen $6,405
7 Daniel Bergeron $5,240
8 Mathieu Martin $4,075
9 Marc-Olivier Charpentier $3,496
10 Alberto Scuderi $2,910
TOTAL   $116,425

Congratulations to all the winners!!




  1. Congrats ! Bravo Louise !

    I’ve played with her in the past, Nice lady , deserves all the props for sure !

    Also , her brother André Boyer won a WSOP bracelet in 2005 , 3k$ buy-in won him just under 700k$$$

    Must run in the family !


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