Loto-Quebec Considering Giving out Online Poker Licenses


loto-quebecWith intense competition from other international based online poker sites, Loto-Quebec is re-evaluating its business and considering the possibility of offering online gaming licenses to other operators in return for a lucrative gaming tax.

Loto-Quebec spokesperson Marie-Claude Rivet told the Huffington Post that the corporation is exploring options to licensing for international online poker operators.

Loto-Quebec would still need to find a solution that circumvents the Canadian Criminal Code.

Despite the fact that Loto-Quebec has launched its own online gambling website three years now EspaceJeux which has reported $26 million in revenues in its most recently reported twelve-month period, it merely has a fraction of the online poker market in Quebec which is dominated by PokerStars.

The sale of PokerStars to Montreal-based Amaya gaming was recently announced and Rivet said that Loto-Quebec have already had discussions with Amaya about the possibility of licensing, although those discussions are merely in the infancy stage. Amaya already has business dealings with Loto-Quebec as a supplier of gaming solutions for EspaceJeux and Loto-Quebec’s land-based casinos.


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