Live WSOP-C Vancouver Events Top $2.7 Million – John Crncic Wins $286,382 in Main Event

John Crncic

The first 10 live events that made up the inaugural World Series of Poker Circuit event at the River Rock Casino Resort in Vancouver brought more than $2,711,000 in combined prize-pools to the West Coast, with two online events yet to be played for by players on and to wrap up the series that could see that figure climb much closer to 3 million dollars.

The big money didn’t go home with any of the “recognized” Canadian poker talent however, as local John Crncic claimed the top prize of over $286,382 after parlaying a $180 satellite in to a small fortune; according to the official reports and press releases from the River Rock Casino Resort and

This was John’s first major tournament cash; not a bad place to start! He wasn’t the only player to cut his title and ring teeth at the 2012 Vancouver WCOP-C either, as Mike Sexsmith followed right behind him in Event 8 to put himself on the board in a big way. In fact, many of the WSOP-C Vancouver Events 1 through 3 and 4 through 6 were also won by players making their first “official” major cash, with British Columbia residents claiming 8 of the 10 Champions Rings awarded so far , while Ontario players claimed the other two.

Besides etching itself into the virtual books as one of the largest tournament series in Canadian poker history in terms of combined prize-pools and Main Event attendance, the first ever WSOP-C rings to be played for exclusively online are also still up for grabs. Event 11, a $300+$20 No Limit Hold’em will take place at 2:00 PM and Event 12, a $500+20 NLH on November 25th; also at 2:00 PM.

Once again, British Columbia poker has raised the bar and set the mark to try to hit for future events across the country. Congratulations to the players, organizers and staff on a world caliber series, here are the most recent results:


WSOPC Vancouver Event 7 – $1675 Main Event Final Table Results


John Crncic



2nd Ryan Biermann



3rd Justin Ciolfitto



4th Malachy Hagan



5th Sonny Sekhon



6th Calvin “X” Anderson



7th Tyler St. Clair



8th Michael Collins



9th Glenn Sullivan



 Total Entries: 1032    Total Prize Pool:      Spots Paid: 108


WSOPC Vancouver Event 8 – $365 No Limit Turbo Six Max


Michael Sexsmith



2nd Martin Todosychuk $12,930 Langley
3rd Sandra Wong $8,988 Burnaby
4th Connie Chia $6,317 Surrey
5th Eric Breddam $4,485 Armstrong
6th Joseph Misener $3,216 Cumberland
7th Brendan Ciolfitto $2,329 Burnaby
8th Adam Crawford $2,329 Langley
9th Cori Golanowski $1,703 Pemberton
10th Steven “Betrthanphil” Tripp $1,703 Elmvale
11th Cheryl Dore $1,258 Port Alberni
12th Jody Howe $1,258 Delta
13th Krzysztof Tarapata $938 Burnaby
14th Chi-Jen Chu $938 Richmond
15th Norman Overdijk $938 Baddeck
16th Antony Vidmer $938 Nashvillee
17th Bruce Hoyt $938 Gilbert
18th Ronald Hosner $938 Penticton
19th Ryan Smith $706 Saskatoon
20th Joshua Mammon $706 Richmond
21st Marchand Fredric $706 Montreal
22nd Scott Goodwin $706 Watson Lake
23rd Vinny Pahuja $706 Hicksville
24th Cory McClure $706 Surrey
25th Chris Nishi $537 Richmond
26th Even Eitan $537 Burnaby
27th Joon Park $537 Surrey


WSOPC Vancouver Event 9 – $365 No Limit Hold’em  


Eric Tang



2nd Sai Ho Chiu $10,945 Vancouver
3rd Cory Hauser $7,907 Sexsmith
4th Harnam Matharn $5,829 Edmonton
5th Robert Beaupre $4,360 Victoria
6th Mark Palmatary $3,322 Port Coquitlam
7th Michael Kovacs $2,574 Burnaby
8th Rupert Whiting $2,027 Richmond
9th Joon Park $1,621 Surrey
10th Tejinder Dabyl $1,317 Surrey
11th Sherylene Hafftor $1,317 Penticton
12th Mark Daniel (MD) Hughes $1,317 Vancouver
13th Kenneth Morine $1,086 Mission
14th Amritpal Sidhu $1,086 Richmond
15th Robin Layne $1,086 Burnaby
16th Rhett Marchildon $910 Surrey
17th John Vassalo $910 White Rock
18th Christopher O’Brien $910 Vancouver
19th Patrick Finnegan $774 Surrey
20th Hung Hoang $774 Vancouver
21st Steven Lynar $774 Surrey
22nd David Towson $667 White Rock
23rd Christopher Telford $667 Pemberton
24th Cassidy Potvin $667 Kelowna
25th Francis Hunter $584 New Westminster
26th Korie Wong $584 Vancouver
27th Harley Green $584 Richmond

Total Entries: 241   Total Prize Pool: $72,300

WSOPC Vancouver Event 10 – $365 Mixed Hold’em


Faron Cosco



2nd Alen Bakovic $6,594 Burnaby
3rd Arif Bhaloo $4,759 Vancouver
4th David Pecaski $3,497 Vancouver
5th Emil Joseph $2,614 Thornhill
6th Ricardo Teixeira $1,988 Vancouver
7th Lee Taylor $1,537 Langley
8th Adina Mazzucco $1,207 Coquitlam
9th Kevin Roberts $964 Vancouver
10th Travis Cogil $781 Snohomish
11th Richard En $781 Vancouver
12th Steven Schartner $781 Vernon
13th Silvester Swoboda $643 Penticton
14th Eric Vallee $643 New Westminster
15th Quentin Jennings $643 Surrey

Total Entries: 127      Total Prize-Pool:  $38,100


Eric Tang

Michael Sexsmith


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